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What We Do


Our Goals

We believe in a holistic approach to development and work in the areas of Education, Healthcare, Livelihood creation, Watershed Development and Governance in the Konkan and Nashik Divisions of Maharashtra.


Our community development work follows a framework that focuses on first understanding the concerns of the community and then empowering these locals to lead the projects they want to see. Because each communities' challenges and aspirations are different, the framework acts as a guide that can be tailored to fit the goals of each community.


We partner communities and leaders to best address real concerns and improve the lives of the people who live in the neighbourhood. With local people leading development efforts, DSF's implementing solutions are unique to the community we serve - a rainwater harvesting dam in one village, vegetable farming in other, maternal health campaigns, school supplies distribution is yet another way to create self-sufficient and self-reliant communities

DSF team with The Waterman of India and

Our Strategy

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DSF seeks to empower smallholder farms in most marginalized areas of Maharashtra. 



The programme aims at ensuring quality education to all students through which they can turn into alert and aware citizens.



Using technology as an important catalyst to achieve progress in all the thematic areas



The focus is to create access to the existing health system and develop health-seeking behaviour among vulnerable sections of society


Water and Enviroment

Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems and sustainably manage forests

Our Strategy

Way Ahead

We envisage 'self-reliant villages / urban communities (agglomeration) - as described in the 73rd and 74th Amendment to the Constitution of India. In order to reach this goal, design of solution should be need -specific of the communities. For the communities to be self-reliant requires a set of skills. We endeavour to create those skills through our interventions, which shall stay with the communities.

While achieving these targets we also align ourselves with the Sustainable Development Goals and participate in the 'glo-cal' movement.


No Poverty

Outreach: 500 villages 

Target: 50% of the families will receive a gross income of Rs. 1 lakh by 2030


Good Health and well-being

Outreach:100 villages 

Target - Ensure improved Antenatal care and Postnatal care facilities in the villages 


Quality Education

Outreach:  100 schools

Target: Ensure better infrastructure and child-centric pedagogy in schools


Clean water and sanitation

Outreach: 500 villages 

Target: Ensure safe access to pure drinking water for 100% of the population 


Affordable and clean energy

Outreach: 500 villages 

Target: Ensure access to renewable energy sources for electricity, access to drinking water and irrigation 


Life on Land

Outreach: 500 villages

Target: 10000 acres to be brought under tree cover 1000 crore litres  of Rainwater harvesting 


Decent work and economic growth

Outreach: 100 villages

Target: Skill up-gradation and income-generating opportunities to 50% households 

Way Ahead

Supporters and Partners 

Knowledge Partners

Technical Partners

NGO Partners

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