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Campaign Jasmine

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Known as ‘ The belle of India’, jasmine flowers are more than just a symbol of beauty - it’s serious business too!

At DSF we realized that it’s easy maintenance and year round blooming makes for perfect yield and this is why we launched Campaign Jasmine.

Campaign Jasmine is an initiative to empower women farmers in Palghar District and make them sustainable Long term. We will be distributing over 200 saplings to each women Farmer which will yield them Rs. 10,000 per month for the next 12 years!

More about the Jasmine Campaign:

The agricultural productivity of Mokhada is low owing to multiple causative factors. Apart from sloppy terrain and lack of irrigation facilities, the lack of initial capital is a major stumbling block to the farming practices in the area. Secondly, there is a dearth of technical know-how among farmers that increases the cost of production and prone to contingencies such as crop damage. Also, the agricultural produce in the region is characterized by the limited cropping pattern of growing rice or finger millet that often leads to seasonal unemployment for farmers and other agricultural laborers forcing them to migrate to cities.

But at the same time ,it is important to note that the climate of Mokhada is best suited for Floriculture.

Diganta Swaraj Foundation is encouraging women farmers to grow jasmine plants, as these saplings need very little input cost and time, but the revenue generated is manifold.

We will include Women SHGs in Jasmine cultivation programmes ensuring a regular income for 12 years.

Thus, this livelihood programme of Diganta Swaraj Foundation supported by The Feed’em Movement aims at increasing employment opportunities and reducing forced migration from the villages and engaging in water solutions and agricultural innovations to impact the quality of life of the tribals.

Do join us in the Jasmine Movement!

To know more get in touch with us

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